What photos can DocAI examine/analyze?
DocAI can analyze any photos stored locally within your iPhone or iPad device.

Can DocAI examine/analyze photos stored in iCloud?
While DocAI does not have ANY Cloud aware code, there is a way to configure your iPhone/iPad so that DocAI can analyze photos stored in iCloud.

In particular, Apple allows a configuration where storage on your iPhone/iPad is optimized by uploading photos to iCloud, and retrieving them from iCloud as needed. If you have setup your iPhone/iPad to optimize photo storage as per this Apple recommendation https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205703 , you will be able to analyze photos stored in iCloud using DocAI. To do this, just run DocAI and select the photo album/folder you wish to analyze. Some of the photos within this selected album may be downloaded by iOS from iCloud as needed and made available to DocAI for analysis.

Does DocAI send my photos to a server somewhere? Does DocAI upload photos somewhere?
DocAI accesses your photos, but all analysis is done locally on your iPhone/iPad, using the custom AI solution the DocAI team has developed. The photo is NEVER sent to any server anywhere. In fact, DocAI has NO code for accessing ANY Cloud.

What data does DocAI collect?
DocAI accesses your photos, but never uploads them anywhere. DocAI does not collect any data. The only other user related code DocAI executes is Apple APIs to check that your DocAI app is licensed.

What external communication does DocAI use? What servers does DocAI communicate with?
DocAI uses Apple SDK APIs to verify that the copy of DocAI being run is licensed and purchased. This may communicate with Apple servers, to verify the license. Beyond this DocAI does not communicate with any external servers. DocAI analyzes photos locally on your device, using the mobile optimized AI algorithm the DocAI team has developed.

Does DocAI delete any photos?
DocAI does NOT delete any existing photos. DocAI simply analyses the specified set of photos and for ones it deems sensitive, adds those photos to a “Sensitive” album. The photos deemed sensitive STILL continue to be in the original album where they existed before DocAI scanned that album.

I have thousands of photos. How can I pause DocAI and resume scanning from where it left off while pausing?
DocAI is a well behaved iOS App. Just switch focus using iOS gestures to bring a different App into foreground and this will move DocAI app into background, which will automatically pause it. To resume DocAI scanning from where it left off, just bring DocAI app back into foreground.

Note that if you exit DocAI app, it will scan from the beginning (and not remember where it had stopped scanning, before exiting.

What happens if I restart DocAI and scan my photos again?
When DocAI runs, it adds detected sensitive images to the “DocAI Sensitive” folder.

If you re-start DocAI – say after exiting the DocAI app, or after rebooting the device, then DocAI will rescan all designated folders/images. However, in no case will DocAI make duplicates of any detected sensitive images. While adding any detected images to the DocAI Sensitive folder, care is taken to ensure that no image is added to the folder twice.

When DocAI starts scanning a specified folder/set of images, it does NOT reset the DocAI Sesnitive folder – any images already in that folder are left there.

What do I do with the photos DocAI detects as sensitive?
You have a number of choices when it comes to the photos detected by DocAI as sensitive. These choices include:

  1. Preserve the photos in some other place other than Photos. For example, you could copy the Photos off the iPhone/iPad or you could save them to the iPhone/iPad using the Apple Files App. Once they have been preserved, you can delete them from the Photos album.
  2. Delete from the Photos album without preserving. This would be the case where you already have the document safely preserved elsewhere.
  3. Remove the photo from the DocAI Dtected album – you would do this if you felt the photo was not really sensitive.

How much storage does DocAI use?
DocAI app occupies about 125 MB of storage. This can be verified by tapping “Settings->General-iPhone Storage” and then scrolling down until you see the DocAI app. Beyond this, DocAI uses storage very sparingly. DocAI adds photos to the “DocAI Detected” album. But these photos are not copied and hence they do not use additional storage.

I ran DocAI and it detected a number of images as sensitive. What can I do with these sensitive images?
DocAI places all detected sensitive images into the DocAI Sensitive folder. You can use Apple Photos App to view this DocAI Sesnitive album/folder and you then tap on any image to open it. Once the image is opened, long press on the image. In the example below, the American Express Traveller’s Cheques are detected as sensitive and the long press shows the choices shown

Tap “Delete from Library” to delete any image you agree is sensitive, and that you no longer need (you have a copy somewhere else). If needed, make a copy e.g. to the Files App.

Tap “Remove from Album” to remove the image from the DocAI Sensitive, but leave it in its original folder. You would do this for images that you believe are not sensitive.

Tap “Show in All Photos” to see the original location of the image that has been detected as sensitive.